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A. “Altered dog” means a spayed female dog or neutered male dog.

B. “Animal” means any fowl, reptile, amphibian or mammal, except for human beings.

C. “At large” means being neither confined by an enclosure nor physically restrained by a leash.

D. “Bite” means the penetration of the skin by the teeth of any animal.

E. “Biting animal” means any animal that bites or otherwise injures human beings or other animals without provocation.

F. “Collar” means a band, chain, harness or suitable device worn around the neck of a dog to which a license may be affixed.

G. “Destructive animal” means any animal that has a propensity to destroy, damage or cause damage to the property of a person other than the animal’s owner.

H. “Dog” means any member of the canine species.

I. “Excessive noise” means unreasonable noise that travels over one (1) or more property lines and interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by a neighbor or community. Factors considered in determining if noise is unreasonable include, but are not limited to:

1. The level, character, frequency, and duration of the noise;

2. The proximity to inhabited structures;

3. The character and zoning of the neighborhood;

4. Any discernible reasons that likely caused the noise to be made.

J. “Impound” means the act of taking or receiving an animal into custody for the purpose of confinement at the Town’s Animal Enforcement Agent’s facility.

K. “Leash” or “lead” means a chain, rope, leather strap, cord or similar restraint attached to a collar or harness or otherwise secured around an animal’s neck.

L. “Licensed dog” means any dog having a current license.

M. “Livestock” means neat animals, horses, sheep, goats, swine, mules and asses.

N. “Owner” means any person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring, maintaining or having custody and/or control of an animal within the Town limits.

O. “Peace officer” includes any animal control officer.

P. “Police dog” means any dog belonging to any law enforcement agency service dog unit.

Q. “Property line” means the line which represents the legal limits of property (including an apartment, condominium, room or other dwelling unit) owned, leased or otherwise occupied by a person, business, corporation or institution. In cases involving sound from an activity on a public street or other public right-of-way, the “property line” shall be the nearest boundary of the public right-of-way.

R. “Provocation” means any behavior toward an animal and/or its owner or its owner’s property which is likely to cause a defensive reaction by said animal.

S. “Tie-out” means a chain, leash, wire, cable or similar restraint attached to a swivel or pulley.

T. “Town Enforcement Agent” means the Pima Animal Care Center director and/or his/her designee.

U. “Under restraint” means an animal secured by a leash or lead and under control of a responsible person, confined within a vehicle or located upon the real property limits of its owner.

V. “Vaccination” means an anti-rabies vaccination using a type of vaccine approved by the State Veterinarian and administered by a State-licensed veterinarian.

W. “Vicious animal” means any animal that bites, attempts to bite, endangers and/or injures people and/or other animals. ((O)19-03, 02/20/2019; (O)08-22, 11/05/2008)