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The following words, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:

“Associate Magistrate” means a termed judge of the Town Court, employed by the Town, other than the Presiding Magistrate.

“Civil traffic hearing officer” means a Town Court employee assigned special duties by the Presiding Magistrate pursuant to the Town Code.

“Disciplinary action” means action taken by the State Bar of Arizona or the Supreme Court of Arizona, or any other licensing authority for attorneys or judges including reprimand, censure, suspension or disbarment.

“Interim magistrate” means a judge appointed by the Town Council to perform the duties of a Presiding Magistrate during an absence or vacancy greater than three (3) weeks, but not greater than six (6) months.

“Presiding Magistrate” means the judge appointed by Town Council, charged with the management and administrative responsibility of the Town Court.

“Probation Monitor” means probation officer employed by or contracted for the Town who monitor offenders in the community using electronic monitoring.

“Pro tem magistrate” means any judge that is not currently seated on Town Court, but that is appointed by the Presiding Magistrate on a temporary (pro tempore), case-by-case basis to hear and decide cases before the Town Court.

“Town Magistrate” means any judge of the Town Court, including the Presiding Magistrate, Associate Magistrate, pro tem magistrate and interim magistrate. ((O)22-02 , 2022.)