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A. Scope

As the legislative body, the Town Council establishes planning and zoning policies and performs the planning and zoning actions of this section as authorized by A.R.S. Title 11.

B. Powers and Duties

1. General Plan

Upon recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Town Council adopts, repeals, or amends the General Plan, which establishes the goals of the Town of Oro Valley regarding future development of the Town.

2. Other Land Use Plans

The Town Council adopts, repeals, or amends other land use plans which describe in greater detail, and apply the intent of, the General Plan to smaller geographic sectors and planning areas.

3. Zoning Regulations and Districts

By ordinance, the Town Council establishes, repeals, or amends the zoning regulations of this Code and provides for zoning district changes and amendments in accordance with Chapter 22, Review and Approval Procedures.

4. Land Use Policies

The Town Council adopts, repeals, or amends, by resolution, policies relating to land use issues and review procedures.

5. Subdivision and Development Plan Regulations

The Town Council adopts, repeals, or amends, by ordinance, regulations for the subdivision of land within the Town and for development plans which establish the features of a development (refer to Chapter 26, Subdivisions and Development Plans).

6. Appeals and Special Permits

The Town Council hears and decides appeals and special permits to developmental or procedural requirements when authorized by this Code.

7. Enforcement

The Town Council establishes, by ordinance, rules and procedures for the enforcement of this Code by the Planning and Zoning Administrator.

8. Appointments

The Town Council appoints the members of the following boards, commissions, and committees:

a. Planning and Zoning Commission

b. Board of Adjustment

c. Other committees, as necessary