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A. Scope

In accordance with the General Plan: Archaeological and Historic Resources Element, the Historic Preservation Commission facilitates the conservation of cultural resources in the Oro Valley community.

((O)21-08, 06/16/21; (O)11-01, 02/16/11)

B. Powers and Duties

In addition to other powers and duties of the Historic Preservation Commission specified in Article 6-10 of the Oro Valley Town Code, the Historic Preservation Commission performs the following:

1. General Plan

The Historic Preservation Commission reviews and recommends cultural resource conservation policies for inclusion in the General Plan.

2. Zoning Code Amendments

The Historic Preservation Commission reviews and recommends zoning requirements, historic districts, and design guidelines pertaining to conservation of cultural resources.

3. Development Review

The Historic Preservation Commission considers evidence and recommends action upon appeal or review of the Planning and Zoning Administrator’s determination of cultural resource significance and/or action specified within a formal treatment plan.

4. Special Inventories or Plans

The Historic Preservation Commission shall maintain a list of known significant cultural resources for consideration in planning of current and future development.

((O)21-08, 06/16/21; (O)11-01, 02/16/11)

C. Transaction of Business

The Planning and Zoning Administrator shall apprise the Historic Preservation Commission of all determinations of significance, treatment plan approvals, and zoning enforcement actions that involve a cultural resource.