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A. When Required

1. It shall be unlawful to construct, alter, repair, remove or demolish or to commence the construction, alteration, removal or demolition of a building or structure without first filing with the Building Official an application in writing and obtaining a formal permit.

2. The following are excluded from building permit requirements:

a. Fences up through six (6) feet in height and freestanding masonry walls up to five (5) feet unless required as a swimming pool enclosure.

b. Curbs and planter walls up to thirty (30) inches in height and retaining walls up to thirty (30) inches in height unless used to support any surcharge load.

c. A detached building, ramada, playhouse or similar structure not more than the (10) feet in height nor larger than one hundred forty-four (144) square feet.

d. Residential television and radio antenna supported on roofs.

e. Awnings supported only from the exterior walls of buildings.

f. Repairs and remodeling which involve only the replacement of component parts of existing work with similar materials and which do not aggregate over one thousand dollars ($1,000) in valuation, excluding labor, in any twelve (12) month period and do not affect any structural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing installations. Construction exempt from permit requirements shall not include any conversion of space to a private garage or sleeping area, exit facilities, permanent fixtures or equipment. Specifically excepted from any permit requirement without limit to valuation are:

i. Painting or decorating

ii. Installation of floor covering

iii. Cabinet or trim work

iv. Outside paving or walks in R-1 Districts

v. Re-roofing and roofing repairs.

Whenever electrical, mechanical or plumbing work is to be done in connection with the above exemptions, permits shall be required. This section shall not be construed to require separate permits for dwelling and accessory buildings or structures on the same property that are described in the building permit application, plot plan and other drawings.

B. Completion of Existing Buildings

Nothing in this Code shall require changes in the plans, construction or designated use of a building for which lawful permit has been issued or which has been otherwise lawfully authorized and the construction of which entire building shall be completed, as authorized, within two (2) years thereafter.

C. Approval in Part

Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the Building Official from issuing a permit for the construction of part of a building or structure before the entire plans and detailed statements of said building or structure have been presented and have been found to comply with this Code.

D. Revocation

The Building Official may revoke a permit or approval issued under the provisions of this Code if there has been any false statement or misrepresentation as to a material fact in the application or plans on which the permit or approval was based.