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A. Purpose

The purpose of this overlay district is to provide a streamlined review process for development in the innovation park area as well as other business and technology park areas, thereby supporting Town economic development initiatives while preserving and protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

((O)18-05, 03/21/18)

B. Applicability

1. The Economic Expansion Zone (EEZ) review process is available to all new development, additions, expansions, or changes to existing development proposing permitted uses and compliant with existing zoning and development standards.

a. Innovation park and surrounding Rancho Vistoso areas as depicted in the overlay map, attached to the ordinance codified in this section.

b. All technology park zoned land in the town with the exception of any property with residential uses.

2. The provisions of this section do not apply to applications for amendments to the zoning or planned area development standards, or applications for conditional use permits.

((O)18-05, 03/21/18)

C. General Provisions

1. Exemptions

Development applications shall be exempted from the following requirements:

a. Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council review and approval.

b. Public outreach requirements of Section 22.15 with the exception of an open house when the subject property is within one hundred fifty (150) feet of a property used or intended for residential purposes.

i. The above distances shall be measured from the abutting edge of any property used or intended for residential purposes to the closest property line or lease line of the subject property. The limit of the property line or lease line shall include all required parking, landscaping, and setbacks of the tech-park development.

c. Approval of a development plan or final plat, prior to the issuance of a Type 4 grading permit in accordance with Section 22.10.A.1.d.

2. Development Review Process

Development applications proceed through the following progessive review stages:

a. A pre-application conference in accordance with Section 22.9.E.1.

b. If applicable, the submittal of a preliminary grading plan and associated plans in accordance with Sections 22.10 and 27.9.

c. The submittal of a master development plan or development plan as provided in Section 22.9.E.3 or 22.9.E.6.

3. Approvals Required

a. If all elements of the submittal meet all Town requirements of Section 22.9.E, the Planning and Zoning Administrator may approve the master development plan or development plan including the following:

i. An alternative parking analysis, subject to the review criteria outlined in Section 27.7.C.

ii. An exemption from planned area development (PAD) sign standards, as permitted in Section 28.2.C for the sole purpose of utilizing the requirements under Chapter 28.

iii. Sign criteria in conformance with Section 28.2.B.1.

b. Approvals shall expire if improvements have not been started within two (2) years of the approval date. The applicant shall submit in writing a request to extend the time beyond two (2) years to the Planning and Zoning Administrator before expiration.

i. The Planning and Zoning Administrator may grant an extension should the circumstances be justified and adequate financial assurances been made. If the approved plan is abandoned, the Town will return the financial assurances less any expenses the Town has incurred.