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A. Solar Protection

No structure shall be erected which would shade an adjacent building when the sun is more than 45 degrees above the horizon unless the written permission of the owner of the property to be shaded is first obtained.

B. Site Grading and Covering Requirements

1. Permit Required

A grading permit is required prior to grading, clearing, or grubbing.

2. Site Marking

The portions of a site to be graded shall be clearly marked on the site prior to any grading, clearing, or grubbing. Construction equipment shall be permitted only within marked area.

3. Protective Cover

Cleared or graded land shall not be left at any time without dust control nor shall be left uncovered for more than 60 days without temporary or permanent protective cover of the entire cleared or graded area as determined by the Town Engineer.

4. Revegetation

Desert vegetation shall be re-established by the developer over septic tank leaching fields and utility trenches where such are not located within cultivated yard, parking, or driveway areas.