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A. Code Limitations

1. Nothing contained herein shall prevent the erection, construction and maintenance of the following:

a. Official traffic, street identification, or roadway improvement signs.

b. Fire or police signs, signals, or devices to alert the public of safety hazards.

c. Markings of the State of Arizona and/or Town of Oro Valley or other authorized agency.

d. Official notices as required by law.

B. Exempted Permanent and Temporary Signs

1. The following signs shall be exempt from the application and permit regulations of this Chapter, although an electrical or building permit may be required:

a. Address Identification Signs: Signs which display numerals, street names, drives, circles, or similar information which gives direction to residents, buildings, complexes, apartments, commercial sites, tenants spaces or other locations.

b. Governmental signs for identification of public agencies such as traffic, public transit, and public information.

c. Historical Marker: A sign locating and identifying a historical interest or site.

d. Informational/service signs including official notices of court; public office and legal notices posted for Town meetings; as well as safety-related informational signs located on service station pumps.

e. Interior Signs: Signs which are displayed within a concealed area such as a tenant space or building and cannot be seen from the exterior by the public.

f. Memorial Sign: A sign, table, or plaque memorializing a person, event, or site.

g. Noncommercial signs on private property that are not related to business or commerce and are no more than nine (9) square feet in area and three (3) feet in height.

h. Residential Signs: Name and address of occupants.

i. Traffic Sign: A sign used solely to define and streamline the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic so as to minimize congestion and promote safety.

j. Warning Signs: Warning and instructional signs such as “No Trespassing” shall be exempt from permits and shall not be installed on utility poles or similar structures.