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1. A-Frame Sign

A hinged or self-supporting upright sign constructed of durable materials and connected so as to maintain an “A” shape or similar structure.

2. Abandoned Sign

A sign which advertises, identifies or gives notice of a business which is no longer in operation or an activity which has already occurred.

3. Advertising

A sign primarily listing products sold or services offered, or products manufactured on the premises.

4. Alteration

Shall mean any change, addition, or modification in construction of an existing sign.

5. Animation

The movement or optical illusion of movement of any part of a sign structure, design, or pictorial segment, including the movement of any illumination, flashing or varying of light intensity. The automatic changing of all or part of the facing of the sign. The movement of a sign set in motion by the atmosphere.

6. Awning Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.1.

7. Balloon Sign

Refer to Section 28.6.B.7.

8. Banner

Refer to Section 28.6.B.1.

9. Billboard

An off-site sign that is pasted, painted, or fastened on in a manner to allow for periodic replacement of messages that is not located on the property where the billboard is located.

10. Building Frontage

The measurement between two (2) straight lines projecting from the outermost edges of a building or tenant space wall that are perpendicular to a straight line running along the ground level of the front of the measured wall.

11. Cabinet Sign

A three (3) dimensional structure which includes a frame, borders and sign panel face and may include internal illumination upon which the sign logos are placed or etched, and is architecturally integrated with the building.

12. Change of Copy

A replacement face(s) or material to an existing sign without changing any structural members, sizes, and/or heights.

13. Character

Any letter, number, logo, and/or symbol as defined in this section.

14. Color Temperature

The warmth or coolness of white light source along the black body curve. The higher the color temperature (kelvin (k)) the cooler appearing (brighter) the white light appears.

15. Construction Sign

Refer to Section 28.6.B.2.

16. Development Complex

A site having common vehicular access points, which is subject to a development plan.

17. Development Sign

Refer to Section 28.6.B.2.

18. Direct Lighting

A source of external illumination located a distance away from the sign which lights the sign, but which itself is not visible from any normal position or view.

19. Directional Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.2.

20. Directory Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.3.

21. Display Area

Refer to Section 28.5.B.14.

22. Double-Faced Sign

A sign having two (2) display surfaces, one (1) (or more) support(s) of which is (are) shared by both surfaces. Hence, double-face signs include back-to-back signs as well as V-shaped signs.

23. Electronic Message Board

A sign that permits the changing of messages by means of electronically controlled sign copy.

24. Entryway Sign

Refer to Sections 28.5.B.4 and 28.5.C.1.

25. Fascia

A parapet-type wall used as part of the facade of a flat-roofed building and projecting from the building face immediately adjacent thereto. Such a wall shall enclose at least three (3) sides of the projecting flat roof.

26. Flag

Refer to Section 28.6.B.3.

27. Freestanding

Shall mean any structure which is not attached to any other structure or portion of a structure.

28. Garage/Yard/Estate Sale Sign

An on-site or off-site, temporary sign made from paper, poster board, cardboard, or like material.

29. Government Sign

A sign installed or required by a public agency such as traffic, public transit, public information, or similar government entity.

30. Grand Opening Sign

An on-site sign advertising the opening of an establishment, expansion, or change of ownership of a commercial enterprise, new business, store, or office.

31. Ground or Monument Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.7.

32. Halo Illumination

Illumination produced by recessing a light source inside a hollow character with an open back or within the surface to which the sign letters are mounted. An outline glow around the characters is created by this light as it is reflected off the background to which the characters are attached.

33. Historical Marker

A sign marker locating and identifying a historical interest or site.

34. Home Occupation Sign

A sign that identifies a business or commercial activity that is conducted from the property zoned for residential use.

35. Human Signs

Any portable commercial advertisement that is held or worn by a person or persons to draw attention to or direct the public to a business or event.

36. Identification Sign

An on-site, permanent sign which identifies the premises where the sign is located.

37. Illuminated Sign

A sign whose surface is lit internally or externally or has the potential or ability to be illuminated either by battery or electricity shall be considered an illuminated sign whether the sign is lit or unlit.

38. Indirect Lighting

A source of external illumination located a distance away from the sign, but which is itself not visible from any normal position.

39. Inflatable Sign

An object, device or structure capable of or designed to be inflated with air or lighter-than-air gas that is used for the purpose of attracting attention or to make something known to the public.

40. Internal Illumination

A source of illumination entirely within the sign wherein the source of the illumination is not visible.

41. Kiosk Sign

A freestanding sign that contains directional placards. The kiosk is installed per a contract with an independent contractor who is responsible for the manufacture and maintenance of the signs.

42. Logo

A graphic symbol representing a business. Logos shall be state or federally registered trademarks.

43. Maintenance

The replacing or repairing of a part of a sign made usable, unsafe, or unattractive by ordinary wear, tear or damage that is beyond the control of the owner, or the repainting of an existing sign without changing the wording, location, composition or color of the sign.

44. Marquee Sign

Any sign affixed to or constructed in a roof like structure or awning projecting over an entrance to a building, such as a theater.

45. Memorial Sign

A permanent sign, table, or plaque memorializing a person, event, structure, or site.

46. Menu Board

Refer to Section 28.5.B.6.

47. Model Home Flags

Refer to Section 28.6.C.3.

48. Modifier

A word on a sign describing uses and activities other than the business name.

49. Moving or Animated Signs

Any sign or part of a sign which changes physical position, flashes, blinks lights, rotates or conveys the illusion of movement by mechanical means, illumination, and/or air movement.

50. Neon Sign

An illuminated, commercial display made up of glass tubes, shaped to form letters and designs.

51. Nit

A unit of visible-light intensity, commonly used to specify the brightness of an LED, cathode ray tube or liquid crystal display computer display. One (1) nit is equivalent to one (1) candela per square meter.

52. Nonconforming Sign

Any sign which does not conform to the provisions of this code but which, when first constructed, was legally allowed by the Town of Oro Valley or political subdivision then having control over signs.

53. Nonilluminated Sign

A sign that does not have the ability to be electrified or powered in any way. The components that enable the sign to be lit must be permanently disabled in order to be considered a nonilluminated sign.

54. Off-Site Sign

Any sign not located on the premises or site of the use identified or advertised by the sign.

55. On-Site Sign

Any sign which is located on the premises or site of the use identified or advertised by the sign.

56. On-Site Subdivision Sign

An on-site, temporary sign located at the entrance to a subdivision.

57. Pan-Channel Letter

A dimensional character fabricated to form a pan (i.e., a back and sides). The pan is formed in the shape of a character. The sides are strips of the same material fastened to the back. The open end of the pan is usually capped by a character cut from translucent acrylic, and is known as the face. Lighting may be installed inside the pan to illuminate the face.

58. Parapet

The top portion of the wall which extends above the roofline.

59. Pedestrian Tenant Directory

Refer to Section 28.5.B.8.

60. Pennants

Any lightweight plastic, fabric, or other material, containing multi-colors and that may contain a message of any kind, suspended from a rope, wires, or string, designed to move in the wind.

61. Permanent Sign

Letters, numerals, symbols, and/or insignia that is intended to be displayed for an indefinite or long-lasting period and the lettering or message of which is intended to remain essentially unchanged, except for the maintenance against normal effects of exposure to weather.

62. Pole Cover

Covers made from various materials which enclose or conceal a pole or other structural supports or members to the sign.

63. Portable Sign

Any sign not permanently attached to the ground or other permanent structure, or a sign designed to be transported, including, but not limited to, signs designed to be moved by means of wheels; signs converted into A-frames; menu and sandwich board signs; balloons used as signs; and signs attached to or painted on vehicles parked and visible from the public right-of-way, unless the vehicles are used in normal day-to-day operations of the business.

64. Posters

A large printed display or picture often posted in a public place as a notice or advertisement.

65. Premises

All contiguous land used and occupied by an establishment, whether owned or leased from another. Included are all buildings, storage and service areas, and private roads or driveways which are an integral part of the establishment.

66. Prohibited Use

Shall mean a use not specifically permitted.

67. Public Service Sign

A sign which provides directions to a public or quasi-public location such as community centers, schools, Town facilities, and religious institutions.

68. Projecting Sign

An on-site sign attached to and extending more than twelve (12) inches from a structure not designed exclusively for the support of the sign and/or a sign which projects from the wall of a building or structure perpendicular to the wall surface.

69. Real Estate Sign

A sign pertaining to the sale, rent, or lease of the premises or portion of the premises on which the sign is located.

70. Reasonable Repairs

To restore an existing structure to a good or sound condition resulting from decay or damage.

71. Residential Sign

A sign on which is displayed the name and address of the occupant.

72. Reverse Channel Letter

A sign with dimensional character(s) fabricated from opaque material to form a pan, i.e., a front and sides. The pan is formed in the shape of a character. The sides are strips of material fastened to the front. The back remains open. Lighting may be installed inside the pan which creates a halo illumination.

73. Roofline

The top edge of the roof or the top of the parapet, whichever forms the top line of the building silhouette.

74. Roof Sign

A sign that is mounted on, above, or over the roof of a building, so that it projects above the highest point of the roofline, parapet, or fascia of the building.

75. Seasonal Sign

Refer to Section 28.6.B.5.

76. Service Station/Fuel Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.9.

77. Setback

The shortest straight line distance in feet from the nearest property or lot boundary to the main accessory building, structure, sign, or similar features located on the same property or lot.

78. Sign

Every message, announcement, declaration, display, illustration, insignia, character, surface, or space erected, maintained or attached to any structure, surface, or thing and made visible for the purpose of attracting attention or to making something known to the public.

79. Sign Area Allotment

The permitted amount of identification sign area on ratio to the linear footage of building frontage.

80. Sign Modification

Any change to an existing sign’s copy, color, and/or supporting structures.

81. Sign Structure

A freestanding wall, pole, pedestal, or object erected for the purpose of supporting the sign.

82. Site Plan

A plan drawing of an individual site including the layout of buildings, circulation system, parking, walls, landscaping, open space, and any other appropriate information as required by the Town of Oro Valley to provide adequate review.

83. Seasonal or Event Banner

Refer to Section 28.6.B.1.c.

84. Subcontractor Sign

A temporary sign which identifies the firm, business, persons, or entity responsible for work or activity in progress at the location of the sign.

85. Symbol

A letter, figure, or other conventional mark designating an object, quantity, operation, function, or the like.

86. Tagline

An accessory wall sign containing a grouping of letters or characters built into a single pan channel or reverse pan channel platform that contains modifiers or is used to convey information relating to the business such as goods, services, products or business associates.

87. Temporary Sign

Any display in public view to advertise or convey information or direction which is intended to be displayed for a limited or finite period of time only. The type, quality, and materials of construction of which, although visually attractive and structurally sound, are not intended to be long lasting.

88. Theater Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.10.

89. Time and Temperature Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.11.

90. Traffic Sign

An on-site or off-site sign for which the sole purpose and placement are solely to define and streamline the flow of vehicular traffic so as to minimize congestion and promote safety.

91. Under-Canopy Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.12.

92. Unoccupied

A premises or structure which is not occupied or being put to those uses as authorized by the last business privilege license issued by the Town for that address and business or a premises or structure where the public utilities are not in service.

93. Vehicle Sign

A sign that is mounted, painted, or erected upon trucks, cars, boats, trailers, or other motorized vehicles or equipment that is parked for the primary purpose of functioning as a sign.

94. Wall Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.13.

95. Window Sign

Refer to Section 28.5.B.14.