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A. Permitted Permanent Signs on Public Property

Sign Type




Maximum Height



Permit Required/Permit Type

Additional Standards


Right-of-way of an arterial or collector street

Per the contract approved by the Town

Panels: 8" wide by 4' long

Base: 5' wide

Base 8'


Until less than 3 placards are on the sign

Yes: ROW permit

Per contract

Monument or Entryway

Right-of-way of a major or minor arterial road as defined in the Town’s General Plan

One of the signs allowed by Section 28.4.B.4 or 28.4.B.7 may be located in the right-of-way of each street frontage

Refer to Section 28.4.B.4, Entryway sign, or 28.4.B.7, Monument sign



• License agreement

Council approval

Sign permit

• ADOT approval if applicable

Refer to subsection B of this section.

B. Monument or Entryway Sign Standards for Location in the Right-of-Way

1. Location Standards

a. A right-of-way depth of at least one hundred (100) feet shall be required between the paved surface of the road (including turn lane and shoulder) and the subject property line. Areas where the right-of-way depth changes for drainage ways, bridges and similar structures shall not be included in the one hundred (100) foot minimum.

b. Sufficient evidence shall be provided demonstrating that sign locations normally allowed by the Zoning Code do not provide effective and safe wayfinding as detailed in the intersection site distance detail of the Town of Oro Valley’s Subdivision Street Standards and Policies Manual.

c. The one hundred (100) foot depth requirement, between the paved surface and the subject property line, may be reduced to not less than twenty (20) feet if the following conditions apply:

i. The vehicular speed of the road combined with the clear zones and adequate visibility defined by the Town’s sight visibility triangle criteria are met.

ii. The intersection sight distance table demonstrates the sign could not be safely seen. Self-imposed conditions, such as built structures built on the site, will not qualify for a reduction of the distance requirement.

d. The sign shall be located no more than fifty (50) feet from either side of an entrance to the property associated with the sign.

e. No electronic message boards shall be placed on a sign in the right-of-way.

2. Upon satisfaction of the Town Engineer and Planning and Zoning Administrator that the sign has met all safety and location requirements, the request will be forwarded for review and approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council, in addition to the required license agreement, for placement in the right-of-way.