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A. Prohibited Permanent and Temporary Signs

The following permanent and temporary signs shall not be allowed on any property or public right-of-way and are prohibited unless otherwise specified within this chapter.

1. Billboards;

2. Electronic message centers, except as provided by Sections 28.4.B.7, 9, 10 and 11;

3. Exposed neon signs, except as provided by Section 28.4.B.14;

4. Flashing lights;

5. Garage sale signs, except as provided by Section 28.7;

6. Inflatable signs, except as provided by Section 28.5.B.7;

7. Marquee signs;

8. Moving/animated signs; except barber-type animated signs are allowed for barbershops during business hours only;

9. Obscene signs;

10. Off-site advertising on public property;

11. Off-site signs;

12. Pennant signs;

13. Portable signs (sandwich board, etc.), except as provided in Section 28.5.B.8;

14. Projecting signs;

15. Roof signs;

16. Searchlights;

17. Signs attached to any physical public property;

18. Signs in the median;

19. Vehicle signs.