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The powers and duties of the Presiding Magistrate shall include:

A. Those set forth and conferred upon the Magistrate under the provisions of the State Constitution and statutes, administrative orders of the State Supreme Court or Superior Court, and this Code, the ordinances and resolutions of the Town;

B. The keeping of a docket in which shall be entered each action and the proceedings of the Court therein;

C. Responsibility over fixing and receiving all bonds and bails and receiving all fines, penalties, fees and other monies as provided by law;

D. Payment of all fines, penalties and other monies collected by the Court to the Town Chief Financial Officer or his or her designee;

E. Provide reports as requested by Town Council summarizing Court activities;

F. Preparation of a schedule of traffic violations, not involving the death of a person, listing specific bail for each violation;

G. Supervision of the judicial and internal administrative functions of the Town Court in a professional manner;

H. Hold department director status as a contract employee under the Town of Oro Valley Personnel Rules, and shall as any director, manage Town Court employee grievance procedures, terminations, evaluations, or other personnel related matters in accordance with town rules, policies, and procedures;

I. Delegation of duties and responsibilities to and supervision of Associate Magistrates, and magistrates pro tem and other judicial and nonjudicial personnel as necessary who directly affect the operation of the Court;

J. Establishment and implementation of proper case management techniques and standards;

K. Determination of judicial assignments for each magistrate pro tem and within guidelines established by Council, establishment and maintenance of standard working hours and times to effectively discharge these assignments;

L. Establishment and implementation of standards and parameters for indigence screening and guidelines for the purpose of appointing defense counsel;

M. Establishment of specific parameters within the bounds of the law and sound management practice, under which a defendant shall be granted the time to pay monetary sentences imposed, and authority to specify the standards for establishment of payment amounts;

N. Exclusive supervisory authority over all Court personnel while such personnel are performing work for the Court, including but not limited to the Court Administrator, clerical support, courtroom support staff, and bailiffs and security screeners;

O. Exercising of administrative supervision over the Court in accordance with the principle of judicial independence under the doctrine of separation of powers as defined in the Arizona State Constitution, Article III;

P. Exercising similar other administrative authority as necessary to maintain and enhance the ability of the Court to do justice for all who come before the Court;

Q. Cooperation and coordination with the presiding Superior Court judge(s) concerning the administration of the Town Court; and

R. In accordance with Court rules, keeping in custody and taking charge of and safely keeping and disposing of, all books, papers and records which may be filed or deposited in the custody of the Town Court; destruction of all documents, records, instruments, books, papers, dispositions, exhibits and transcripts in any action or proceeding in the Town Court or otherwise filed or deposited in custody pursuant to rules established by the Supreme Court, and notification to the appropriate State office for records retention. ((O)22-02 , 2022.)