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A. After reviewing the application material, the Town may deny or revoke the approval of a special event if any of the following apply:

1. The applicant has failed to meet the application conditions imposed.

2. The proposed event is intended to be conducted in a manner or location not meeting the health, zoning, fire or safety standards established by rules or regulations of the Town, the laws of the State of Arizona or rules and regulations adopted by any of its agencies.

3. The applicant has made any false, misleading or fraudulent statement of material fact in the application for permit or in any other document required pursuant to this section.

4. The applicant, his or her employee, agent or any person associated with the applicant as partner, director, officer, stockholder, associate or manager, has been convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction, by final judgment, of an offense:

a. Involving the presentation, exhibition or performance of an obscene production, motion picture or play, and/or of selling obscene matter; or

b. Involving lewd conduct; or

c. Involving the use of force and violence upon the person of another; or

d. Involving misconduct with children; or

e. An offense against the provisions of Arizona law respecting narcotics and dangerous drugs, or of any equivalent offense under the law of any other state which if committed in Arizona would have been a violation of the Arizona statutory provisions.

5. For any health, safety and/or welfare issues that will not be remedied or otherwise addressed in time for the event.

6. The scheduled date of the event conflicts with other previously scheduled events such that it will result in an undue impact on the Town’s resources and staff.

B. If the application is denied, the Town shall mail to the applicant written notice of denial within ten (10) days of the action. The notice shall include a statement of the reason(s) the application was denied. The applicant may request a review of this denial by the Town Manager who will schedule a meeting during which the applicant may present evidence in support of the application. ((O)20-01 , 2020; (O)16-13 , 2016; (O)10-06 , 2010.)